The field of printing has seen is fair share of growth and advancement!

With the rapid commercialization and the ever increasing demand in the brand markets, the textile printing mechanism comes in handy in ensuring that the demands made by the market are completed and fulfilled. Digital Textile Printing Machines offered comprises a new generation high speed digital printer that finds its use in textile industry and is considered to be ideally suited for delivering quality production runs on different textile substrates. Digital Textile Printing Machines can handle widths of up to one point six meter as well as production speeds of over forty meter square per hour as per the specific process requirements of the customers. Some of its features include featuring best technical advancements, provides for high efficiency working support, high speed potential, fabric edge detection control with auto alignment, high precision belt system for achieving operator free operations among others.

The DIGITAL TEXTILE PRINTING production process needs to fit requirements for the type of ink: high energy sublimation low energy sublimation, acid, reactive and pigment. In turn, the type of ink chemistry needs to fit requirements for the media. Based on the media and ink combination, the choice comes for infra-red fixation, heat-press sublimation or steaming. It is with such quality and efficient technical advancements that HGS machines has made itself an important and significant player in the above mentioned field and continues to serve its customers as a loyal and quality partner for their DIGITAL TEXTILE PRINTING needs. It ensures that they get the best possible solution and also that they pay the amount which is not a burden on their pockets.

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