HGS-DIR-8 PS- “HURRICANE” is our new product going to launch worldwide. As we promised our buyers HGS is ready to revolutionize the entire high scale production machines market, as we had done with HGS -4PS- “TEJAS”.

This product is actually delivers all prospect which you are looking for i.e. High production , low consumables and repairing cost , high standard printing and most economical in its class.

The HGS-DIR-8 PS “Hurricane” Printer is designed for high speed textile printing, sampling and mass production printing. Hurricane operates at a max speed of 196 m/hr and delivers a production mode of 115 m2/hr. Used is a repairable Starfire -1024 Print head (8 heads and 8 color) for excellent durability.

Highlights Or Features-:

1. Conveyor Compatibility up to 400 Sqr./Hr.,Machine Speed up to 196 Sqr./Hr.
2. STARFIRE 1024 10 PL. / 8 HEADS- 8 COLOUR
3. Three Placed Positioned HMI Controlling .
4. Three separate Stage Printing Process.
5.Software Compatibility with “Neostampa & RIP Master”.

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