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The evolution of digital textile printing machine

If we are asked to imagine a world devoid of the marvels of technology then it would be a hard feat for us. Nothing in today’s world remains untouched by technology and fabric printing is no exception. The world has gone digital and everything that was once done manually is now done using new age technology. Digital textile printer is part of that giant leap.

Digital Textile Printer

Digital Textile Printer

It was in the late 20th century and the early 21st century that ushered in a new beginning. It saw the rise of a technological revolution from where came the first cutting edge printing technology that laid the foundation for digital fabric printing. More innovation and changes to the earliest machinery was the sublime force behind the modern direct reactive textile printer.



Digital printing has been a welcome change from traditional printing in terms of the quality and finesse of the final product. Things like color variety and absence of plates are some remarkable features of digital textile printing machine.  Already making waves for being a cost effective and versatile technology,   it is slowly getting integrated in various industries.

Digital textile printer is extremely advantageous and has had a very strong positive impact on the textile market as a whole.  Digital textile printer allows for a higher color definition with considerably short designing time. This was highly improbable with a traditional form of printing. Also, digital printing allows for printing in short runs at low investment costs. Which means it is cost effective in terms of both capital equipment and materials.

Advantages of Digital Printing

  • Reduced downtime
  • Digital printers are usually easy to setup and cleanup in a very less time, after which it can print 24*7, 365 days per year.
  • No need for screen expense in sampling and associated short-run production.
  • Eliminating the need for screens also eliminates associated registration problems while allowing for mass customization.
  • Digital production machines make it possible for the printer to produce a minimum of a single repeat of a number of patterns using different colourways, within a few minutes.

Luckily, complete work has been done on digital textile printing machines in the last two decades. There are only a few companies working on building high-pressure jets and computer controlled lasers that inject ink instantly into the fabric, allowing for increased production speed.

You can know more about new revolutionary digital textile printer here.


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TEJAS-R Direct Reactive Digital Textile Printer

TEJAS Series is most highly rated product series in the country and worldwide. It comes with 4, Japanese Micro Piezo print Epson DX 5 heads- with 8 color option which is one of the best printing solutions for textile printing. You can fabricate Cotton, Polyester and blends. With the industrial belt system, we have configured it with the best engineering technology available now. HDMI operation gives you the ONE TOUCH operating to maximize your production. Its automatic washing unit, with 2 sponge rolls and 1 brush rolls, make this machine GEM of the textile printers.

digital textile printer


Printing Technology Epson DX5 Micro Piezo, Drop on demand
Print Head No. No.             Resolution             Height
      2         720 dpi, 1080 dpi,    360dpi Adustable
Ink Reactive, Acid, Disperse, Pigment (With 8 colors)
Printing Width 1800mm
Fabric Width 1650
Fabric Type Suitable for Silk, Wool, Cotton, Viscose etc.
Software Supported Rip Master
Resolution Passes
360X720    2 Pass
360X720    4 Pass
1080X360   6 Pass
720X720    8 Pass
Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt Conveyor Beltsystem supports for up to 25-26 rntr sg/hr speed without any printing wastage. No guied System
Centering Unit Centering Unit for edge to edge peinting
Feeding and Take Up Up Auto Fabric Feeding and take up Auto tensioning system for fabric feeding
Operating System HMI (Touch Screen)
Washing Unit Numetic Controlled Washing Unit with 2 Sponge Rolls, No Brush Rolls
Drying Unit Auto Drying Unit in down side for keep belt dry
Drying Unit Front side with 6KVA heater (Hot Wind)
File format JPEG TIFF
Electric Requirement (For Machine) 220 Volt Single Phase, 9KVA(max.)

For more information please visit:- http://www.hgsmachines.com/tejas_r.aspx


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Digital Textile/fabric Printing – A complete business process guide.

Digital Textile/fabric Printing – A complete business process guide for digital textile printing is a guest post written for us by Atul Sharma. Atul is a Digital Textile Industry Professional.

What it is – The Definition?

Digital textile/fabric is the process where you can print digital files onto the fabric. A digital printer does the printing on the surface of the fabric through a state of the art Drop on demand Head Technology which sprays water based inks on the surface of the fabric on the design area with the fabric. It is easy as like printing at home with A4 size printer, however there is more step/sub-process included while we talking about finished product.

Positive of Digital Printing

Unlimited color possibilities – Unless the traditional printing ,There is limitless possibilities in digital printing while one can print with 16 Million colors type ,Yes you read it correct in first time “16 millions Color”.
Low Stock cost – One can keep a stock of RFD fabric and print according to the demand from the market, Even there is no cost of printing samples as every sample is on one`s computer.

Low Infrastructures cost- The space required by digital printing setup is very less compare to traditional printing setup.
Personalization- Every yard you print can be completely customized and personalized. Print fabric
Low manpower cost & Time saver – Traditional methods and process where there is a huge amount of time consumed in preparing an arrangement of printing and Dyeing, there is huge cost generates but in digital printing one can work with very low manpower cost and the process time is Because of Digital printer’s ability to perform Dual operations of Dyeing and Printing at one time.

The categorization of printing technologies –“Choose Your Printer”

The inks used in digital printing are formulated specifically for each type of fiber. The reason behind to is the chemistry process between the fabric and ink. This illustration exhibit the 5 basic ink technologies/chemistry’s and the fabrics that they are able to print on. on the whole, you have understand that every fabric can’t be print by every digital textile printing machines.

The Process & Sub-Processes – : Majorly we can bifurcate the complete digital printing process (Raw to Finished) into three sub-processes i.e.digital textile printer


When one has decided what to print, the sub-processes come into the pictures. Where every technology has different sub-processes. Moreover, Different fibers could have different pre & post process. Below mentioned table will give you the insight of major sub-process or Machines requirement for complete digital textile printing setup.

What you should see if you are going to purchase any digital textile printer?

See there are lot of options available in the market .German, Italian, Chinese and Indian Of course. See, Digital Textile printing is growing constant basis & there is new product/technology is available every day. Except the credibility of the company you have target on these 5 points.

1. Fabric printing quality.
2. Configuration of the Machines.
3. Production Efficiency.
4. After Service, this is something vital requisite.
5. Past Units Setups.

For this intention of this post & covering all above point, this is what we are finest manufacturing at HGS Machine India. For more than a decade HGS machines has been setting the standard for Product quality, reliability and performance. Our customer service centric approach is to reduce customer cost and provide best ROI. Consumer Products designs that combine technology and function like never before. Design and presentation that express your company’s extraordinary set up, that reflect your way of doing business. Carefully engineered, hand crafted and built to last. Our commitment to you to provide the astonishing printing and finishing and the highest industry quality in Consumer Products and accessories. HGS Machines are the Manufacturing /exporters & Suppliers of Digital Textile printing from India. Visit:- http://www.hgsmachines.com

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Digital Textile Printing Machines is a boon to increase the standards of printing

Digital textile printing is described as any ink jet based method of printing colorants onto fabric..Most notably, digital textile printing is referred to when identifying either printing smaller designs onto and printing larger designs onto large format rolls of textile. The latter is a growing trend in visual communication, where advertisement and corporate branding is printed onto polyester media. Digital textile printing started in the late 1980s as a possible replacement for analog screen printing. With the development of a dye-sublimation printer in the early 1990s, it became possible to print with low energy sublimation inks and high energy disperse direct inks directly onto textile media, as opposed to print dye-sublimation inks on a transfer paper and, in a separate process using a heat press, transfer it to the fabric.The intended use of the fabric is the most important starting point to identify exactly what’s needed to produce a specific end-product.

A ‘textile’ product may vary from natural yarn for garments, through to synthetic fibres for flags and banners. A ‘textile product’ can be a wall mounted banner, a stand-alone pop-up banner, a beach flag, country flag or company flag. It can be a carpet, back-lit frame, curtain, room divider, building wrap, bed cover, a garment and much more.In today’s market Digital Textile Printing Machines, a woven or knitted polyester is the de facto standard. This differs from the predominant coated vinyl or pvc media used in the sign and display industry. The production process needs to fit requirements for the type of ink: high energy sublimation low energy sublimation, acid, reactive and pigment. In turn, the type of ink chemistry needs to fit requirements for the media. Based on the media and ink combination, the choice comes for infra-red fixation, heat-press sublimation or steaming.

Digital Textile Printing Machines offered comprises new generation high speed digital printer that find use in textile industry and is ideally suited for delivering quality production runs on different textile substrates. Digital Textile Printing Machines can handle widths of up to 1.6 m as well as production speeds of over 40 m2/hr as per the specific process requirements of the customers. Some of its features include featuring best technical advancements, provides for high efficiency working support, high speed potential, fabric edge detection control with auto alignment, high precision belt system for achieving operator free operations among others.

Resource by:- http://www.prlog.org/12436630-digital-textile-printing-machines-is-boon-to-increase-the-standards-of-printing.html

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Digital Textile Printers:-HGS-DIR-C8

HGS machines offers a wide range of top digital textile printing machine like HGS-DIR-C4, HGS-DIR-2PS, HGS-DIR-4PS and HGS-DIR-C8 and many more with the following key features.

Features and Specifications

  1. With 8 Konica 1024/14 PL latest Epson print head with 80 Sq.Mtr/Hr. Speed
  2. 4 or 8 Head Option available
  3. Unique print head protection stack
  4. Secondary Ink Tank & Ink circuit heating system
  5. Reserved suction outlet for automatic print head cleaning
  6. Integral Machine body with higher accuracy of feeding and collecting
  7. LED lights the printing bed for better observing printing quality
  8. Professional Pick up system
  9. C8 is equipped with double drying fans
  10. Adjustable temperature heating for media

For more information please visit:- http://www.hgsmachines.com/dirc8.aspx

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