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How Digital Textile Printers are Beneficial?

manufacturingDigital textile printing technology has made its ways into the world of textiles by reaching more than a billion in sales; textile manufacturers are grasping more advantages by using inkjet printing, especially in the apparel and signage sector. Printing manufacturers in Tanzania are to meet the need of a faster turn around times, shorter runs and more variable textile printing with high quality. The benefits of digital textile printers include quality, customization and speed to market.

Digital Textile Printing Brings Many Advantages

1. No Limit on Minimum Order
With digital textile printers, one can get material printed of any dimension or size you wish. Even if a one-meter cloth printed is required. Digital textile printing has made it possible to print on the smaller dimensional much more effectively. Traditional printing method required a big minimum amount of fabric on account of the longer setup time.

2. Highly Affordable
The digital textile printers take less space than the standard printing. Besides, it uses less power and ink. It does not need water for sublimation digital textile printing. All these factors altogether keep the costs low.
Thus, you can get digital textile printing done without having to shell out a lot of money.

3. More variety
More variety of designs, graphics images and an unlimited variety of colours can be printed with the digital textile printing technology. This raises the choices obtainable to you for fashion.

4. Transparency
With the digital textile printers, the precision of colour as well as design is clean and tidy. So, if you are watching a design in an image, you can be sure about the colour and print which would be completely the same when the fabric has been printed.

5. Environment-friendly
Digital textile printers require a less amount of power and water consumption as compared to traditional printing. Furthermore, it requires notably less ink and reduces the water wastage as compared to the screen printing.
Evaluating the alternative forms of chemical waste from screen printing, digital textile printing provides a much more environmental friendly process.
You can know more about beneficial digital textile printers, click here.


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How Digital Fabric Printing is Useful than Traditional Printing?

Fabric printing is an ideal for production with fast turnaround. In the worlds of fabric and textile, as well as many other manufacturing industries, the acuteness, the adroitness and speed of digital fabric printing has the prudent advantage. Designs can be altered during the fabric printing process without notably slowing down production.
These impute entitle companies to create framework very close to the desired end product. If these original samples do not turn out as required or need further revision, the designers do not need to stress about a particular difficulty in their production calendar.
Designers can also depend on this new system when creating small orders because they can do so at a lower cost since order minimums are very low unlike other types of printing which may need setup charges and longer times to establish.
 3 (2)
In addition, digital fabric printing does not have the restriction to design size, repeat, the quantity of colors, which one could run into using some of the traditional methods mentioned above. It is so easy to use in fact, that an entire industry has taken a jump around digital fabric printing itself – the Print on Demand industry (POD) has unlocked the doors to creating personalized custom prints on various products to the average consumer.
Traditional textile printing is good for large scale and pre-approved designs e.g., military. Digital fabric printing offers more freedom when it comes to how big order needs to be and how fast it can get ready.
Here are a few reasons why fabric printing may fulfil your needs more efficiently than a traditional printing.
• Need for Speed
Where traditional production takes several weeks, digital fabric printing can be done in as little as a week or two. That is fast.
• Much Smaller Minimum Requirements
Instead of having to run thousands of yards of fabric, a digital printing run can be for as little as 10 yards. The minimum amount required is ideal for smaller orders. That way one will not need to hit the mark on a batch that may or may not be what you need, but you will not know until you see it.
To know more about Fabric Printing :-  http://hgsprinting.com.

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The evolution of digital textile printing machine

If we are asked to imagine a world devoid of the marvels of technology then it would be a hard feat for us. Nothing in today’s world remains untouched by technology and fabric printing is no exception. The world has gone digital and everything that was once done manually is now done using new age technology. Digital textile printer is part of that giant leap.

Digital Textile Printer

Digital Textile Printer

It was in the late 20th century and the early 21st century that ushered in a new beginning. It saw the rise of a technological revolution from where came the first cutting edge printing technology that laid the foundation for digital fabric printing. More innovation and changes to the earliest machinery was the sublime force behind the modern direct reactive textile printer.



Digital printing has been a welcome change from traditional printing in terms of the quality and finesse of the final product. Things like color variety and absence of plates are some remarkable features of digital textile printing machine.  Already making waves for being a cost effective and versatile technology,   it is slowly getting integrated in various industries.

Digital textile printer is extremely advantageous and has had a very strong positive impact on the textile market as a whole.  Digital textile printer allows for a higher color definition with considerably short designing time. This was highly improbable with a traditional form of printing. Also, digital printing allows for printing in short runs at low investment costs. Which means it is cost effective in terms of both capital equipment and materials.

Advantages of Digital Printing

  • Reduced downtime
  • Digital printers are usually easy to setup and cleanup in a very less time, after which it can print 24*7, 365 days per year.
  • No need for screen expense in sampling and associated short-run production.
  • Eliminating the need for screens also eliminates associated registration problems while allowing for mass customization.
  • Digital production machines make it possible for the printer to produce a minimum of a single repeat of a number of patterns using different colourways, within a few minutes.

Luckily, complete work has been done on digital textile printing machines in the last two decades. There are only a few companies working on building high-pressure jets and computer controlled lasers that inject ink instantly into the fabric, allowing for increased production speed.

You can know more about new revolutionary digital textile printer here.

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HGS-DIR-8 PS- “HURRICANE” is our new product going to launch worldwide. As we promised our buyers HGS is ready to revolutionize the entire high scale production machines market, as we had done with HGS -4PS- “TEJAS”.

This product is actually delivers all prospect which you are looking for i.e. High production , low consumables and repairing cost , high standard printing and most economical in its class.

The HGS-DIR-8 PS “Hurricane” Printer is designed for high speed textile printing, sampling and mass production printing. Hurricane operates at a max speed of 196 m/hr and delivers a production mode of 115 m2/hr. Used is a repairable Starfire -1024 Print head (8 heads and 8 color) for excellent durability.

Highlights Or Features-:

1. Conveyor Compatibility up to 400 Sqr./Hr.,Machine Speed up to 196 Sqr./Hr.
2. STARFIRE 1024 10 PL. / 8 HEADS- 8 COLOUR
3. Three Placed Positioned HMI Controlling .
4. Three separate Stage Printing Process.
5.Software Compatibility with “Neostampa & RIP Master”.

Resource by:- https://tuffclassified.com/most-advanced-printing-solution-hurricane_1013911

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Digital Textile/fabric Printing – A complete business process guide.

Digital Textile/fabric Printing – A complete business process guide for digital textile printing is a guest post written for us by Atul Sharma. Atul is a Digital Textile Industry Professional.

What it is – The Definition?

Digital textile/fabric is the process where you can print digital files onto the fabric. A digital printer does the printing on the surface of the fabric through a state of the art Drop on demand Head Technology which sprays water based inks on the surface of the fabric on the design area with the fabric. It is easy as like printing at home with A4 size printer, however there is more step/sub-process included while we talking about finished product.

Positive of Digital Printing

Unlimited color possibilities – Unless the traditional printing ,There is limitless possibilities in digital printing while one can print with 16 Million colors type ,Yes you read it correct in first time “16 millions Color”.
Low Stock cost – One can keep a stock of RFD fabric and print according to the demand from the market, Even there is no cost of printing samples as every sample is on one`s computer.

Low Infrastructures cost- The space required by digital printing setup is very less compare to traditional printing setup.
Personalization- Every yard you print can be completely customized and personalized. Print fabric
Low manpower cost & Time saver – Traditional methods and process where there is a huge amount of time consumed in preparing an arrangement of printing and Dyeing, there is huge cost generates but in digital printing one can work with very low manpower cost and the process time is Because of Digital printer’s ability to perform Dual operations of Dyeing and Printing at one time.

The categorization of printing technologies –“Choose Your Printer”

The inks used in digital printing are formulated specifically for each type of fiber. The reason behind to is the chemistry process between the fabric and ink. This illustration exhibit the 5 basic ink technologies/chemistry’s and the fabrics that they are able to print on. on the whole, you have understand that every fabric can’t be print by every digital textile printing machines.

The Process & Sub-Processes – : Majorly we can bifurcate the complete digital printing process (Raw to Finished) into three sub-processes i.e.digital textile printer


When one has decided what to print, the sub-processes come into the pictures. Where every technology has different sub-processes. Moreover, Different fibers could have different pre & post process. Below mentioned table will give you the insight of major sub-process or Machines requirement for complete digital textile printing setup.

What you should see if you are going to purchase any digital textile printer?

See there are lot of options available in the market .German, Italian, Chinese and Indian Of course. See, Digital Textile printing is growing constant basis & there is new product/technology is available every day. Except the credibility of the company you have target on these 5 points.

1. Fabric printing quality.
2. Configuration of the Machines.
3. Production Efficiency.
4. After Service, this is something vital requisite.
5. Past Units Setups.

For this intention of this post & covering all above point, this is what we are finest manufacturing at HGS Machine India. For more than a decade HGS machines has been setting the standard for Product quality, reliability and performance. Our customer service centric approach is to reduce customer cost and provide best ROI. Consumer Products designs that combine technology and function like never before. Design and presentation that express your company’s extraordinary set up, that reflect your way of doing business. Carefully engineered, hand crafted and built to last. Our commitment to you to provide the astonishing printing and finishing and the highest industry quality in Consumer Products and accessories. HGS Machines are the Manufacturing /exporters & Suppliers of Digital Textile printing from India. Visit:- http://www.hgsmachines.com

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Digital textile Machinery Assures for Standard Quality Work

If you are looking for Digital textile Machinery, you are sure that you are searching high standard designs.

The Digital textile Machinery is a new time printing technology. The fast pace evolution in the ground of science & technology has also controlled the textile industry. No doubt, it is an age of digital printing. Make using of the technology, the high classifications printed designs can simply be obtained on the textile.

The severe change in the fashion world has broadly influenced the designing outline of the outfits. Beforehand, extremely simple designs were used during the scheming of the collections. In these patterns also, very restricted colors were engaged. But for now, the designing of the clothing has modified to a greater extent. The designers are using diverse color combinations in order to create the collections more attractive as well as fascinating.

In order to give wonderful patterns make use of the colors, the designers are widely make use of the computer tools. Using such tools, the designers are making experiment with color designs. Thus, Digital textile printing Machine is used to print the computer supported design on the fabric in order to present high-definition prints. These machines have turned it friendly to print these motifs on the material.

Let us talk about the working standard of Digital textile Machinery. The working of these machines is extremely easy. These are chiefly the versatile machines that assist a lot in offering more striking and strong designs as evaluated to screen printing.

In this knowledge, the computer supported designs find imprinted on the transportable paper. Making use of the printers, the designs from the moveable paper get imprinted on the fabric by means of heat and pressure method. Using this method, the complex designs can also obtain imprinted on the material in a better way.

They are providing them in a wide array of features. They are doing this in order to answer the challenging requirements of the market. The team of expert engineers is putting their best efforts in order to make these machines extremely practical.

Resource by:- https://sites.google.com/site/hgsmachinestextileprinting/digital-textile-machinery-assures-for-standard-quality-work

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Important Facts about Digital Textile Printers

  • Digital technologies can print proofing, sample and short runs more cost effectively. Digital color printing processes offer a range of color processes including 3 color process (CYM), 4 color process (CYMK), 5, 6, 7 & 8 extended gamut color options in addition to some spot colors. These match growing market demand for full color.
  • Generally, digital printing uses less hazardous chemicals, produces less waste and results in less negative environmental impact than analog technologies.
  • Digital printing is employing sophisticated color matching and calibration technology to produce accurate process color matching.
  • Digital web printers can print images limited only by the width of fabric and the length of the bolt or roll. They can print panoramas and are not restricted to repeat patterns.

digital textile printers

  • Designers, artists, photographers, architects, and drafts people are increasingly creating and reproducing their work digitally. Digital processing has replaced optical and manual methods for typesetting and page composition. Telecommunication has largely converted to digital processing. One can use the same digital files for electronic media, such as Internet, CD-ROM, Video and TV, print media and multimedia.
  • One can readily convert analog images and text to digital with scanning and optical character reading (OCR) software.
  • Digital files are easy to transport and communicate. One can send a digital file to any digital printer on the planet within seconds. This permits distribution of design to many locations for quick response printing. Industries are adopting digitally generated and communicated art and print copy.
  • Most importantly , one can find design security only in digital printing , your design & products are safe before going into the market, thus gives you place and unique identification .

For more information please visit:- http://www.hgsmachines.com/

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Digital Textile Printers – the new wave in the Industry

Digital Textile Printers are new concept in the market and helps to make flags and banners in extremely attractive colors.

The majority of indoor and outdoor applications it is now gradually more popular to use polyester textile due to the better quality of digital fabric printing. Right away from their original use simply as flags or even banners polyesters have turned broadly used in numerous varied applications which include exhibition graphics and in-store graphics where they are known to be aesthetically agreeable and will give remarkably strong and lively colours.

Most chief digital print machine companies and principally those concerned with UV and dye-sublimation have invested huge amounts of time as well as money to expand and create machines that are now wider as well as faster as compared to the envisaged just 5 years ago. This is due to the ever-widening pleading of polyester fabrics. At the same moment inks have reserved pace and are now creating better and more constantly trustworthy colours.

It is due to the fame of the Digital Textile Printers that suppliers of media preserve a large and diverse stock holding whilst being attentive of the constant need and command to begin new polyester fabrics into their choice. Quite frequently, it implies that for most applications there are various polyester choices available for digitally printed textile.

Read full article here:- https://www.prlog.org/12596367-digital-textile-printers-the-new-wave-in-the-industry.html

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Digital Textile Printing Wiki

Digital textile printing is described as any ink jet based method of printing colorants onto fabric. Most notably, digital textile printing is referred to when identifying either printing smaller designs onto garments (t-shirts, dresses, promotional wear; abbreviated as DTG, which stands for Direct to Garment) and printing larger designs onto large format rolls of textile. The latter is a growing trend in visual communication, where advertisement and corporate branding is printed onto polyester media. Examples are: flags, banners, signs, retail graphics.

Resource by:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_textile_printing

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DIGITAL TEXTILE MACHINES offers practically unlimited coloration!

Mankind has known the art of printing since times immemorial. The advent of idea in one’s mid and the urge to represent it on paper has been there since the beginning of our quest for knowledge. And with the need of reproducing and creating of multiple copies, the field of printing has grown far and wide. Although numerous printing techniques have been used over the years with varying levels of success that have been associated to the various types of printing.

With the advent of science, forms of printing have also evolved at a great pace. Digital printing allows for far greater variety and a multitude of options in color and shade customizing. Modern printing is done typically with ink on paper using a printing press. It is also frequently done on metals, plastics, cloth and composite materials. On paper it is often carried out as a large-scale industrial process and is an essential part of publishing and transaction printing. TEXTILE MACHINES offers practically unlimited coloration possibilities, never-before achieved superior quality, and significantly increased production capacity compared to the current industry standard.

HGS Machines offers a complete package available at one place: The complete DIGITAL TEXTILE MACHINES-Inkjet printing system-entry unit, printing machine, high-end dryer, reliable operation software, as well as complete knowledge of application. HGS machines provides for a quality, efficient and standardized one point solution for all your printing needs. Depending on customer needs, DIGITAL TEXTILE PRINTING MACHINES-Inkjet printing system can be equipped with 4, 6 or 8 process colors. Eight process colors enable optimal display of the color gamut for brilliant, high-quality prints. The DIGITAL TEXTILE PRINTING Machines technology uses electronically formed variable drops, which enable perceived printing quality with resolution of more than 720 dpi. In the design planning phase, the main focus has been simplicity in operation. The operation panel used for setting-up the printer and entering start-stop as well as performance instructions is conveniently arranged at the machine site. The multilingual user interface reduces the training expenditure and simplifies the control of processes. Not only that, the solutions that are offered at the place are cost effective and ensure that you get the best deal amongst all of the available options.

For more information please visit:- http://www.hgsmachines.com

Also read more about Textile Printing here:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Textile_printing

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