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Important Facts about Digital Textile Printers

  • Digital technologies can print proofing, sample and short runs more cost effectively. Digital color printing processes offer a range of color processes including 3 color process (CYM), 4 color process (CYMK), 5, 6, 7 & 8 extended gamut color options in addition to some spot colors. These match growing market demand for full color.
  • Generally, digital printing uses less hazardous chemicals, produces less waste and results in less negative environmental impact than analog technologies.
  • Digital printing is employing sophisticated color matching and calibration technology to produce accurate process color matching.
  • Digital web printers can print images limited only by the width of fabric and the length of the bolt or roll. They can print panoramas and are not restricted to repeat patterns.

digital textile printers

  • Designers, artists, photographers, architects, and drafts people are increasingly creating and reproducing their work digitally. Digital processing has replaced optical and manual methods for typesetting and page composition. Telecommunication has largely converted to digital processing. One can use the same digital files for electronic media, such as Internet, CD-ROM, Video and TV, print media and multimedia.
  • One can readily convert analog images and text to digital with scanning and optical character reading (OCR) software.
  • Digital files are easy to transport and communicate. One can send a digital file to any digital printer on the planet within seconds. This permits distribution of design to many locations for quick response printing. Industries are adopting digitally generated and communicated art and print copy.
  • Most importantly , one can find design security only in digital printing , your design & products are safe before going into the market, thus gives you place and unique identification .

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HGS Machines involved in the business of Digital Textile Printing.

Given below are some of the digital textile printers that one can purchase from them.


These are one of their most popular printers. These are well- equipped with japanese micro piezo print heads. Completely automised, these make for the perfect option as the most economic textile printers in the category.


Commonly known as Digital Direct Textile Printers, these are well-equipped with 4 as well as 8 Konica 1024 / 14 PL latest print heads correspondingly. In addition, these printers have an impeccable print head protection back.


These are Digital Sublimation Printers. These printers come with micro piezo / 7 PL latest print heads with japanese linear guide way as well as pocket friendly economy ink systems.


These are also Digital Sublimation Printers having Japanese THK linear guide way and various other features such as Auto Take Up and Professional Media Feeding amongst others.

Transfer Paper Rolls

Transfer paper rolls are used for printing the image on paper by a printer along with a heat press that transfers the image to canvas or clothing. These printers are now available in 44, 54 and 64 inches.

About the CompanyHGS Machines, incepted in the year 2007, offers a range of digital textile printers and digital textile printing services at rates that best suit your pocket. For more information please visit:- http://www.hgsmachines.com

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