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How Digital Textile Printers are Beneficial?

manufacturingDigital textile printing technology has made its ways into the world of textiles by reaching more than a billion in sales; textile manufacturers are grasping more advantages by using inkjet printing, especially in the apparel and signage sector. Printing manufacturers in Tanzania are to meet the need of a faster turn around times, shorter runs and more variable textile printing with high quality. The benefits of digital textile printers include quality, customization and speed to market.

Digital Textile Printing Brings Many Advantages

1. No Limit on Minimum Order
With digital textile printers, one can get material printed of any dimension or size you wish. Even if a one-meter cloth printed is required. Digital textile printing has made it possible to print on the smaller dimensional much more effectively. Traditional printing method required a big minimum amount of fabric on account of the longer setup time.

2. Highly Affordable
The digital textile printers take less space than the standard printing. Besides, it uses less power and ink. It does not need water for sublimation digital textile printing. All these factors altogether keep the costs low.
Thus, you can get digital textile printing done without having to shell out a lot of money.

3. More variety
More variety of designs, graphics images and an unlimited variety of colours can be printed with the digital textile printing technology. This raises the choices obtainable to you for fashion.

4. Transparency
With the digital textile printers, the precision of colour as well as design is clean and tidy. So, if you are watching a design in an image, you can be sure about the colour and print which would be completely the same when the fabric has been printed.

5. Environment-friendly
Digital textile printers require a less amount of power and water consumption as compared to traditional printing. Furthermore, it requires notably less ink and reduces the water wastage as compared to the screen printing.
Evaluating the alternative forms of chemical waste from screen printing, digital textile printing provides a much more environmental friendly process.
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How Digital Fabric Printing is Useful than Traditional Printing?

Fabric printing is an ideal for production with fast turnaround. In the worlds of fabric and textile, as well as many other manufacturing industries, the acuteness, the adroitness and speed of digital fabric printing has the prudent advantage. Designs can be altered during the fabric printing process without notably slowing down production.
These impute entitle companies to create framework very close to the desired end product. If these original samples do not turn out as required or need further revision, the designers do not need to stress about a particular difficulty in their production calendar.
Designers can also depend on this new system when creating small orders because they can do so at a lower cost since order minimums are very low unlike other types of printing which may need setup charges and longer times to establish.
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In addition, digital fabric printing does not have the restriction to design size, repeat, the quantity of colors, which one could run into using some of the traditional methods mentioned above. It is so easy to use in fact, that an entire industry has taken a jump around digital fabric printing itself – the Print on Demand industry (POD) has unlocked the doors to creating personalized custom prints on various products to the average consumer.
Traditional textile printing is good for large scale and pre-approved designs e.g., military. Digital fabric printing offers more freedom when it comes to how big order needs to be and how fast it can get ready.
Here are a few reasons why fabric printing may fulfil your needs more efficiently than a traditional printing.
• Need for Speed
Where traditional production takes several weeks, digital fabric printing can be done in as little as a week or two. That is fast.
• Much Smaller Minimum Requirements
Instead of having to run thousands of yards of fabric, a digital printing run can be for as little as 10 yards. The minimum amount required is ideal for smaller orders. That way one will not need to hit the mark on a batch that may or may not be what you need, but you will not know until you see it.
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Important Facts about Digital Textile Printers

  • Digital technologies can print proofing, sample and short runs more cost effectively. Digital color printing processes offer a range of color processes including 3 color process (CYM), 4 color process (CYMK), 5, 6, 7 & 8 extended gamut color options in addition to some spot colors. These match growing market demand for full color.
  • Generally, digital printing uses less hazardous chemicals, produces less waste and results in less negative environmental impact than analog technologies.
  • Digital printing is employing sophisticated color matching and calibration technology to produce accurate process color matching.
  • Digital web printers can print images limited only by the width of fabric and the length of the bolt or roll. They can print panoramas and are not restricted to repeat patterns.

digital textile printers

  • Designers, artists, photographers, architects, and drafts people are increasingly creating and reproducing their work digitally. Digital processing has replaced optical and manual methods for typesetting and page composition. Telecommunication has largely converted to digital processing. One can use the same digital files for electronic media, such as Internet, CD-ROM, Video and TV, print media and multimedia.
  • One can readily convert analog images and text to digital with scanning and optical character reading (OCR) software.
  • Digital files are easy to transport and communicate. One can send a digital file to any digital printer on the planet within seconds. This permits distribution of design to many locations for quick response printing. Industries are adopting digitally generated and communicated art and print copy.
  • Most importantly , one can find design security only in digital printing , your design & products are safe before going into the market, thus gives you place and unique identification .

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Digital Textile Printing at a Glance – HGS Machines!

Printing industry has undergone a drastic change in the years spanning last few decades. There has been arrival of several new printing technologies creating new opportunities in the field of business. The same goes for textile printing. With advancement in the printing technology, there has come a dramatic change in the world of textile printing. In the last few years, color inkjet printers have become an indispensable part of fabric as well. Digital Textile Printing is widely used for printing on garments and textile. Making use of specialized inkjet technology, printing is done on fabrics of all sorts. It is done by making use of fabric sheets and inkjet printer with a detachable paper backing. Special textile inks and transport mechanism for fabric are applied directly to textile and then absorbed by fabrics.

In the recent years, demand for this type of printing has skyrocketed. It makes for original art works or reflection of different art works rendering the right blend of elegant as well as class view. This form of printing is also known as direct to garment printing. In this procedure, designs are printed directly on fabrics from the computer without making use of any source such as printing and designing on paper. It makes it possible to make changes or modifications in design and colour quickly as well as easily before starting actual printing. It has so many benefits to offer. It allows for pocket friendly print runs, majority to textile printing all over the world is done using this technology and paves way for faster production. It is considered as an environmental friendly process as it consumes relatively lesser dyes and water. Using this form of printing, you can also get family photos imprinted on the fabric of your own choice.

Fabric that is used for this form of printing is a three dimensional structure however colors and ink varies to a great extent. It is because of this reason that there are some practical limitations on the fabrics. Going by what conventional textile industry experts have to suggest, digital textile printing is highly expensive and slow a process in comparison to conventional procedures used today. However, there can be no doubt in the fact that digital printing for textile is being used widely.

If you are thinking to add digital printing to your existing printing business or set up new business then you might be looking for Digital Textile Printers. Browse through the World Wide Web and you can place an order for printer as per your preference and budget. So, get started now and expand your printing business.

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